ROQUETTE Maize gluten

Corn gluten (maize gluten)- A polyvalent protein source for animal feed

Known as “Gluten 60” or “Corn gluten meal”, corn gluten is obtained by physical separation during the refining of Corn starch.

It is a highly digestible protein concentrate, rich in sulfur amino acids (methionine, cystine), and a source of natural, efficient and stable pigments.

A polyvalent protein source, it offers advantages in numerous applications:

  • Feed for broilers and layers, since it helps accentuate the yellow colouration of yolks as well as sub-cutaneous fat
  • Formulas for ruminants, because of the low natural degradability of the protein fraction in the rumen and its high post ruminal digestibility
  • Feed for young animals such as piglets, thanks to its very high nutritional value
  • Formulas for pets, because it provides quality protein intake with a low ash content